ZDic is a dictionary software for Palm device more famous - at least here in Korea - than the original one, KDic. It's freeware and provides interesting features such as pronounciation speaking, incremental searching, and exporting to Memopad.

Its up-to-date version is 2.33, and sadly that version doesn't work with Palm's new NVFS machines such as Palm TX / Treo 650.

A blogger named ZDYX made a patch to ZDic 2.33 and corrected that problem. He attached patched version of ZDic to his blog post, but all the messages were written in Chinese character.

사용자 삽입 이미지

I changed the messages to English using some resource editors as seen in screenshot.
If interested, download the attachment and install .PRC file named as below:

new_zdyx_ZDic 2.33_Large DA_English.PRC

Thanks for ZDYX to do this kind of job. :-)


The main reason which drove myself to use the version 2.33 was 'export to sugarmemo' feature. (Sugarmemo is a Supermemo-like software, which helps the user to memorize something. This feature enables you to directly load dictionary word onto Sugarmemo, which lessens messy Graffiti inputting)

Using this patched version, I hoped now I can resume my learning with Sugarmemo, which was proven to be frustrated. Sugarmemo doesn't work well on my Palm TX. :-x

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